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Rich Waterman

BA in Political Science with minor in Economics - University of Rochester
MS - Computer Science - Rutgers University
Numerous corporate courses, both technical and management

Note - top 1% on many standardized tests taken, including:

Primary Career
Software and Software Management

Over 30 years of high tech work.
Managed up to 50 people.
Primary companies: AT&T Bell Laboratories, Bellcore, Telcordia.
Coached hundreds of people in software design, writing, speaking, problem solving.
Led extensive software architecture, design, implementation,
consulting, business planning, marketing, sales, and budgeting efforts.
Presented at numerous national and international conferences.

Tutoring Career
Tutored hundreds of students starting in 2006, both privately and for employers.
Tutored for ClubZ Tutoring - 2006-2010.
Independent private tutoring, also started in 2006.
Employed by Summit HS, Summit County CO - mostly worked with their Pre-Collegiate Program and
by Colorado Mountain College.
Many students realized major improvements
(e.g., moving from failing or near failing to B or A level grades).
Students from all modes of education:
Public & private schools, home schooled, on-line schools, colleges.

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